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Once you understand the simple, easy, yet intuitive process, you will never look back. Its fast, clean, secure and transparent. The worlds largest institutional metals market buyers and sellers use this same market.

  1. Our Precious Metals Trading Platform allows clients to gain access to the worlds largest bullion and precious metals market in an instant. This process is revolutionizing the way you buy and sell precious metals
  2. We provide you with several Guarantees, providing you with Security and Confidence in your purchase or sale of metals due to the reputation, quality and standing of the buyers/sellers, global banking and financial institutions, recognized refineries, and non bank storage companies, they are all using the same platform to conduct their business.
  3. Using the same trading platform and leveraging on the backs of the worlds largest market players our Precious Metals Trading Platform provides you with Security and Confidence for a fast and easy transaction process. More importantly, a transactin with 3 GUARANTEES.
  4. The transaction process is simple, log onto your your Swiss Precious Metals Account, make an internal transfer from your metals account, to the Master Metals Account. Your order is entered into our System for Direct Execution into the pool of international buyers/sellers, who also have access to the same system. When the transaction is completed, your transaction is reflected in your Swiss Precious Metals Account.
  5. A major Strategic Advantage is this pool of international buyers/sellers, who then compete among themselves, for your business. There are NO Brokers or Intermediaries involved in the buy/sell process.
  6. Combining modern technology, with an intuitive method to piece together all the different stages of the buy/sell process, that is what separates our Precious Metals Platform to others. But it's more than just the buying and selling precious metals. That is just one part of the process. What about storage, insurance and transport? Normally you require at least three to four brokers or intermediaries to rely on, just to complete a simple transaction
  7. That is why our Precious Metals Platform, is revolutionizing the way you buy and sell precious metals. We bring all the processes together in one simple transaction to buy/sell/store/insure/transport to your location the physical metal

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